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Owner, Geoffrey Swenson

Dear Guests & Friends,

Thanks for choosing to dine with us! Back in 1992 my friend and co-Founder Tom Duffy and I took an old concept—based on simple, old-fashioned American hospitality and principles. To create food from the very best and freshest quality of products available and, being a Midwestern boy, serve the portion up big! To hire happy, nice people, train them well, and provide them with the tools and mentorship to succeed. Share with them the importance of doing a good job, being kind, and respect them like your own family. Our belief and goal was that success will be theirs as well as ours.

Many years later, here we are. Tom is no longer with us—“God bless him”—but his family still operates the Redwood City and Campbell locations.

Through the years we have won an award or two, but the greatest recognition is you, our great customers, who have spoken so highly of us through the years with the opening of each location. We are still working hard every day to be the very best at what we do… serving good old-fashioned American food.

Our menu items, the simple American classics, are homemade with farm fresh eggs, real butter, and heavy cream. Our fruits and vegetables are market fresh. We use only the highest quality of Midwest Hormel meat products, such as our apple-wood smoked bacon and our honey hams. We use the famous Aidells chicken apple sausage, and our burgers are #1 USDA Choice Angus, fresh, never frozen.

We haven’t changed much through the twenty-some years. Many people have come along to try and copy our concept of great food and service. I think the thing that sets us apart from everyone else, other than our drive for consistency, is the incredible staff in every one our locations. They each bring something special to the table, and I never get tired of talking about them—it’s the best part of my business. They are dedicated and committed… they are industrious… they are fun.. Managers, Cooks, Wait Staff, and the Dish Staff. These are the unique people that make Stacks’ the best. Their continued commitment through the years to be respectful to each other and to support each other in their team building makes them, in my opinion, the best team out there!

That is why I am sure you will keep coming back again and again, and for that, my staff and I sincerely thank you!

Be happy, eat well & enjoy life,


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